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Welcome to our “GRAND ILLUSION”! Come on in and see what’s happenin. You will have “MORE THAN A FEELING” of what you are about to experience, from the first note played. At the end of this experience you will walk away “FEELIN SATISFIED”.

From the 70’s through the 80’s both Boston and Styx dominated the radio. Today all the hits from Boston and Styx are still played on the radio, movie tracks, commercials, video games, etc. The songs were simply the “BEST OF TIMES” in everyone’s lives. BOSTYXX is comprised of the best musicians in the Midwest. All have played in top drawing acts the likes of Infinity, Cuttlass, Frontiers, and more. They all have the same love for the music of both these Mega Bands. There is no harmony left undone, no guitar note missed, no keyboard part left unplayed. image image image

The attention to every detail is perfected, as it was recorded by Boston and Styx. 3 Guitar leads ripping, with 5 part vocal harmonies soaring, is the normal for this show. And there is not one audience member left out. BOSTYXX thrives on audience interaction from every person in attendance. The crowd are the members of the chorus for BOSTYXX.

“DON’T LOOK BACK” It is time to experience BOSTYXX!


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