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The Fold started in 2005 initially gaining their fame from international tours on the roster of Tooth & Nail Records. In 2009 the group spun a failed album tour into a comical commentary on the current state of the music industry with their viral smash hit, “Every Band in the USA.” (YouTube). With a new sense of purpose, the band abandoned the traditional music industry model of working with a record labels for a chance to do something incredible on their own. Over the past 5 years they’ve written, produced, and directed several original songs with music videos which have gained over 50 million YouTube channel views, and over 60,000 subscribers. They achieved this through a very niche & rabid fanbase generated through song placements. Originally the band’s incredibly popular theme song for Cartoon Network’s ‘Lego – Ninjago’ — and several follow-up hits for the show.

The band has leveraged their unique brand of kid-centric pop music to write for several sports teams including Chicago Cubs, Denver Broncos, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and North Carolina Panthers. With a full-length movie slated for September 22, 2017, the band and Lego Ninjago franchise show no signs of slowing down!


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 Kids Set:

The Weekend Whip

Born To Be A Ninja

If You’re Happy and You Know It

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Rock Out! Song

We Are Ninja

After The Blackout

We Are Ninjago!

21st Century Ninja

Ninja, Go!


Happy Birthday

Back To Ninjago



So Long, Farewell

Festival Set:

Born in the USA

Sweet Home Alabama

All Summer Long

What I Got

Happy (Farrell)

Hey Ya (Outkast)

Beverly Hills

The Weekend Whip

Live Forever

Welcome to the Jungle




Billie Jean

Island In The Sun

Welcome To The Jungle

Moving Past

I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Always Something There to Remind Me

Movin’ Out

Life Is A Song

To Be With You (Mr. Big)

Closer To The Ground

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Fat Bottomed Girls

Shook Me All Night Long


Let’s Go Cubbies

Feel Like Makin’ Love

I’ll Make Love To You

At The End of the Road

I Want You To Want Me

  • Ninjago Lego

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