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Sublime Tribute – Second Hand Smoke has been keepin it real for Bradley since 2005. We don’t sell merchandise. We don’t charge a lot of money. Second Hand Smoke simply likes to travel and spread the music of the late, great Bradley Nowell.

– Second Hand Smoke is the only INTERNATIONAL Sublime Tribute on EARTH!
– Second Hand SMoke is the  only Sublime tribute that plays as a TRIO! (Like Sublime)

Second hand Smoke is proving itself to be the best Sublime Tribute on earth. The trio has steadily been touring internationally, captivating rowdy audiences and developing a devoted following of Sublime fanatics and casual fans alike. We are keeping Sublime’s legacy alive. We love to tour the US and Carribbean, in hopes of making as many Sublime fans happy as possible. We love to party before, during, and after each show. We are very fortunate to get to travel around and make Sublime fans happy, one show at a time.


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  • Sublime Tribute Second Hand Smoke
  • Sublime Tribute Second Hand Smoke
  • Sublime Tribute Second Hand Smoke


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