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The Orchestra 33 began as the original and exclusive entertainment for the Rupert’s 33 Club in suburban Chicago. As a talented orchestra teaming vocalists and musicians with an innovative musical concept, The Orchestra 33 originally played four sets a night and five nights a week for five rewarding years, winning accolades from Chicago’s fan and critics alike. This success prompted the eventual opening of similar Rupert’s clubs in Minneapolis, St. Louis and Atlanta. The Orchestra 33 has since gone beyond the club scene and into hundreds of venues and events worldwide, from tie-dye to black-tie.

Sure, you’ve heard rave reviews about the orchestra. But this event is your responsibility and if the music isn’t right, you’re going to have to assume a new identity. We understand. The Orchestra 33 knows when providing music for corporations, professional associations or charitable organizations we must possess the versatility to read the crowd and cover a wide variety of musical styles on a moment’s notice. When playing a private reception, current chartbusters and popular standards along with classic rock, Motown and ethnic melodies should be evenly disbursed throughout the dancing hours. It’s our responsibility to know these things. Like no matter what kind of function is in progress, no one (with the possible exception of Uncle Harry) really wants to hear My Way. Commanding a vast library of songs covering all popular styles, you’ll love The Orchestra 33’s ability to customize the music in a way that gives you the unique atmosphere and sound you desire to make your event a success.


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  • Orchestra 33 Corporate Party Band



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