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Do you enjoy the contemporary “yacht rock” hits from the 70’s and 80’s?
Coming to a stage near you EZFM, will deliver an experience that takes you back to the nostalgia,
and time, where memories of your youth will begin to flow with the music that recalls a simpler place and time in your life.
Sit back, relax, or get up and dance to some of the greatest music ever made.


Do you want to book this artist?

Contact Josh Niemiera of Double D Booking to book this artist today! Josh can be reached directly at  (773) 289-5117 / (800) 608-2579 ext 2 or via email at

EZFM Song List

1. Love Will Find A Way
2. Baby Come Back
3. Rich Girl
4. Couldn’t Get It Right
5. Tempted
6. Spooky
7. Smiling Face
8. So Into You
9. Dancing In The Moonlight
10. Undercover Angel
11. Thunder Island
12. Escape (Pina Colada)
13. Steal Away
14. Sunshine Go Away
15. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
16. Lowdown
17. Just Remember I Love You
18. Drift Away
19. How Much I Feel
20. Right Down The Line
21. Main St.
22. Hello It’s Me
23. Whatcha Gonna Do
24. How Long
25. Magic (America)
26. Easy
27. Still The One
28. Somebody’s Baby
29. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
30. Don’t You Forget About Me
31. Year Of The Cat
32. You May Be Right
33. Bloody Well Right
34. Lido Shuffle
35. You Sexy Thing
36. We Just Disagree
37. Let’s Get It On
38. Africa
39. I’ll Be Around
40. Let’s Stay Together
41. Brandy
42. No Matter What You Are
43. My Love
44. Your Song
45. Kiss You All Over
46. Summer Breeze

  • EZFM - Yacht Rock
  • EZFM - Yacht Rock

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